• Dr. Brent  Angott
  • John Campbell
  • Dr. Howard Goldberg
  • Gerald Prado
  • Dr. Philip Joson
  • Dr. James Massucci
  • Gary Weinstein
  • Brook Ward


  • Dr. Brent Angott, DO
  • Dr. Mark Baratz, MD
  • Dr. Dennis Brown, MD
  • Dr. Thomas D’Orazio, MD
  • Dr. Howard Goldberg, MD
  • Dr. Gray Goncz, Jr. DO
  • Dr. Damon Hoffman, DO
  • Dr. Philip Joson, MD
  • Dr. Richard Kenney, DO
  • Dr. James Massucci, MD
  • Dr. David Odasso, MD
  • Dr. Amelia Pare, MD
  • Dr. Richard Panicco, MD
  • Dr. Mohan Phanse, MD
  • Dr. Edward Stafford, MD
  • Dr. Timothy Weyrich, MD
  • The Washington Hospital

The ownership of this facility is a partnership with physician partners. Your physician may be one of the partners. This means he / she may have a financial interest in Tri-State Surgery Center. Please discuss this with your physician if this is a concern.