Who will be performing the surgery?
Your surgeon will perform the procedure with a physician’s assistant and or residents and a specialized operating room team.

What should I bring with me the day of my procedure?
The day of your procedure we ask that you bring the following:
• a photo identification and your insurance cards
• copay, coinsurance or any fee per your insurance coverage
• a copy of your Living Will or Advance Directive (if you have one)
• eye drops if you are having cataract surgery
• any crutches, walker, braces etc. that have been prescribed to you by your physician
Please do NOT bring any personal belongings such as jewelry, watches, etc. Leave these at home or have your family member be responsible for your items while you are in our care.

Do I really need someone to drive me home?
If your procedure includes receiving sedation or general anesthesia (“going to sleep”) you are required to have a responsible adult accompany you upon discharge. This means you cannot drive a vehicle.
You are restricted from operating any machinery for 24 hours after receiving anesthesia. If you have made prior arrangements for transportation via a taxi, etc. you are still required to have an adult be responsible for you and accompany you.
If this is a difficulty for you please discuss this with us prior to your procedure. To ensure your safety your procedure will not be performed unless this requirement is met.

How long will my procedure take?
There will be a time given to you to arrive at the surgery center, it is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to your procedure. This allows us adequate time to register you and prepare you for your procedure. We do our best to estimate the length of time that you will spend with us from preparation until the time you are discharged.
We are committed to providing the best care to every patient and will devote the time and attention required for each situation.

How much pain is to be expected after my surgical procedure?
Pain is experienced differently by everyone. Our nurses will monitor your discomfort level following your procedure. We will work with your physician and anesthesiologist to make you as comfortable as possible. Using ice, elevation and pain medication as prescribed by your physician, will help ease the pain you may experience. If your pain is not being controlled by these measures, please call the doctor’s office.

What should I wear?
We ask that you wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure. Please do not ware any make up; no contact lenses (bring your glasses). If you are having a cataract surgery performed please make sure to wear a button down shirt. For any other specific concerns, please feel free to discuss this with our nurses.

When can I eat?
If you are having sedation or general anesthesia (“going to sleep”) you will be given specific instructions regarding when to stop eating and drinking by our nurse a day before the procedure date. You will also be instructed what medication to take prior to your procedure. If you are given the instruction “nothing by mouth”, this includes gum, candy, breath mints and chewing tobacco.
After your procedure you will be given written instructions on when to resume your diet and your medications.

What should I do about forms that need to be completed for my employer?
All forms need to go through your doctor’s office to be completed.